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the ending.
poor dreamers in a world
where dreams are sold,
we are autumn's acid tears and
we are one and we are none.
                  i, am you - you are not me and
                  our reflections don't match. i am not
                  here but your face still shows.
breezes stand still. i, the
child of nature, listen to what
nobody has to say - the silence
in between the same word, altered
to tell something else as hollow.
i, the child of nature, blanket my
self in industrialized dreams and tuck
my feelings inside pipes to clog my
                   i want to be you, you
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 12 18
what is it to love? for Lizzy.
Softly, ever so softly,
the piano is played,
by a soul, gotten lost in the music,
in every single note,
in the sound of its beauty.
        how elegant a piano is, when
        keys pretend to be your spine and
        my fingers play the
                lucid movements,
                reaching your heart and
                stealing a part so that you can never
                leave me.
I get up,
floating almost soundlless
across the room.
        back to you,
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 5 29
epic for the dead - incomplete
Prada, our new shiny armor,
        we walk down postmodern streets where
        poison rules, from origins we don't know
                (and can't point out on a map)
        run through with the hiss of a serpent those “lowlifes“
                chose for us, thinking one day they
                        too, could get shiny armor for
and we don't know
who to say yes for and
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 2 6
i feel so small again
st all the words i
want to use.
     i'm a faded graphite
     trace on
     your features,
          i would want to say
     or that my
     scrapped voice
     rips through a cloud of
     newborn consciousness to keep me silent -
     that i wanted to
     let my fingertips flow
     on those deep etched barcode strips on your neck and
     there would be numbers underneath
     and they would feel like
i want to be a
i want you to sing along and
     i want you to
     choose me for
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 3 17
Mature content
afterthoughts - :iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 17
A Poor Dreamer by falathiel A Poor Dreamer :iconfalathiel:falathiel 0 5
filling in the blanks.
you are ruffled hair and a piece of deserted skies.
there is no
     time, for you. only the
          words you've forgotten
     in languages you don't understand,
     between dilapidated dreams and
     broken castles.
you're the wolf and
     the rabbit.
the truth will save you but you
     don't want to admit that
you're the naked walls
trying to inhale the stars but filling your lungs with
you're no different than the cats that snuggle you in dead nights.
     seasons are untrue.
     the wind a hypocrite, and
     clouds everchanging.
     they are horses, dragons,
          faces and the ghosts you tuck
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 3 11
sky, crystal clear, gazes deep inside darkened corners of
our minds -  the
sea wanders, a girl looking away,
   through pebbles,
      fear of growing old,
         children's sand castles, aren't there anymore
      impervious shields and
      covered words.
footprints in the sand,
how they dissolve slowly and
how they try not to vanish completely -
and how they do, eventually.
i slip my feet into yours,
the warmth of a winter sun and
your skin, i want to believe -
      what great happiness it is to understand
      that the ground you step on can never be wider than
      your feet
so hollow, my escape
from gravity is fruitless.
all the times you
   laughed and
you gazed into the eyes of
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 9 19
good enough.
i forget all the beautiful words i
   found for you and promised my
      self not to -
i think they went down a sewer in a foreign town.
i sing as a record player stuck
   in the same tune, over and over -
      same notes beneath same words
in the same sincerity.
i'm a record player and a black woman murmurs
through my words, and i feel home - she whispers a
tune of a broken loneliness. the type you find in the corners in
crowded streets. on the desk next to the window in a classroom.
public toilets. my hands.
i'm a grey bird in a blue sky. i'm envious of all the
   colors world offers
and i find my shelter amid a rain cloud, clinging even
   though i know i will get
i fly - trembling.
i am not afraid of the road - i am
   afraid of where it may lead me,
and not finding you there.
i forget all the beautiful wor
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 28
for the ones to hold you.
            it was like,
            falling without anyone to cling onto your clothes.
            or eating all the stars on your own and discovering that you're
            still hungry.
            destroying self without anyone to destroy the roads to your doom.

my shadow towers over me – left in a clinging dark,
i thought i was the only one to know i was actually smaller.
and that nobody knows when my
   veins are numb and my blood is frozen still -
   how my bravery had gone down the drain.
i tremble and i tremble and i tremble and
Kafka resides in my flesh – a d
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 16
in deep sleep.
the city is in deep sleep. i rise on my
toes and the wind sweeps me off in between a leaf and a
piece of fabric. it smells like stale cookies and blood.
i can hear your breathing in between the thousand
    voices. they speak so loud but i'm determined.
my fingers look so short to me. i want to catch the hour but i can't reach.
i want to catch the words we say and the things overheard and the things you
    wish you never heard. the letters
        on abandoned waypoints.
how i wanted to be someone else. how i wanted to be nobody. how i
wanted to be you, and how
    i hate you.
the city is in deep sleep. i shed a tear and mix it with
paint, on the pavements. we draw happiness on the bricks with grey
birds, but it rains and we are left with blue drops all over
    our wings.
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 21
Pooh Stamp by falathiel Pooh Stamp :iconfalathiel:falathiel 177 19
i seem to enjoy cubicles. you lock your
self in and stare at how endlessly far the tiles
could go and how they don't. and how dead it smells.
you throw up until there's nothing in your stomach
rather than fear. you go out, wash your face and you're
ready for whatever tiptoes behind your back. it's like wanting to
cut yourself in pieces, but doing nothing. the knife stays there and it's up to
you, but you just get a drink and chill until you pass out and the next
morning, the nectar is back and you're making honey. it's too much crisis
for one. They call it being gifted but it's funny because you should be able to return a gift. But you don't. You slip off between your mother's legs with it and everybody sees it as awesome and you call it awful and the only resemblance between you and the world is an “aw” and nothing more. in a world where certainties
are few, you become the certainty. what's certainty? other people would exist if you didn't, and songs would play in intensity
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 1 9
All The Things
i collect acorns,
   jaded stones in between pavements,
      timid ideas from foreign conversations,
         and children's smiles
and the shapes the clouds make.
   today there was a dragon, a hummingbird, your
   face and a question mark and i pulled the curtain.
i want to write a script of a teenager. in the
end, he rips his heart off and throws it on the wall and
the lights go off and it's all dark, for
   a minute and
   that's all i need.
i used to love watching the rain, because it would tell me
about the days that i would look out and remember this special
someone you think you're meant to live, eat, kiss, fuck, make
children and die with but
I realized that thinking that you own something is
sad. because once you get used to the idea, you
   end up getting hurt because what you own wants to own and nobody
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 16
Six A.M. In Grave Silence
it's six am. already
   up and
white-collar perfect man for the daughter of every woman,
with his own cubicle and relationship with a
deaf god,
hail mary hail mary forgive us for our sins
rinse repeat rinse repeat i am flawed i am flawed but
forgiveness is as cheap as a prayer and i know
descend your eyes
when you
   see a beggar
and change your road
when the
   tag and gender don't
awesome housewife, perfect homebuilder for the perfect white-collar,
with her own cookie recipe and countless prayers,
i think i enjoy watching the gardener do his job too much, oh
god please forgive me please forgive me please but
my husband hasn't touched me in years,
refused to cry when
some girl stumbled upon your son lying
on the sidewalk, a sign that reads
"faggot" -
   (in pieces and
   they never found what
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 5 11
i'm not talking about pianos.
their dove-pure skins and wicked
fingertips. i'm not talking
about rainy nights and
the wind blowing fierce.
and four-legged ants.
or how my
bleak song
:iconfalathiel:falathiel 4 12


An Elegy for Lazarus
The earth fell away
as I waited for you to rise from the dead;
The moon was burnt orange
like a second skin.
We wept for you, Lazarus,
in the places we knew of old,
in empty rooms with silent pianos.
The Seine is lonely at 2 A.M.
and I long for your company.
I watched as the streetlights dimmed
one by one,
and another night passed without you.
The stars abandoned me
when you didn't show your face.
I prayed that you could escape death
and that you were immortal
but neither my words nor my incense
reached the thrones of the gods.
Come back, Lazarus, I wept
on the banks of the Seine,
yet my tears were lost in murky waters
that spoke of times and days long ago.
We need you among the living,
in the street corner cafes
and on the river bank.
Come back, Lazarus,
for without you I grow weary
of the shallow reflections in the looking glass.
I see shadows of who you once were
floating down the Seine,
one of the many dead
whose last  moments were in those deep waters.
I see your face silhouetted
:iconriencuran:Riencuran 8 7
little girl by ercemguner little girl :iconercemguner:ercemguner 1 0
Wordspill #11 'Transitions' entries and new theme!
Transitions can be painful things, and there were a couple of emotive events described in the wordspill activities of this round. Our sympathies to those who have experienced traumatic transitions in recent times, but writing about it can certainly help to heal wounds. Yet another example of how wordspilling can really keep you going in tough times! :hug: Regardless of subject matter, all this round's entries deserve a read, so scroll down and check them out!
If you are unfamiliar with what we do at Wordspill, why not check out our About Us page or perhaps our F.A.Q. We're sure they'll answer any questions you might have and have you on your way to spilling in no time! Our past features can be found in the news articles of 'Welcome',
:iconwordspill:Wordspill 23 1
Hammerfall RPG Copyright Infringement
Hammerfall RPG
<a href=””>Hammerfall RPG is a Facebook game. You may have heard of it. You may have not, but by the end of this article I hope you won’t forget it. It boasts over 233,000 (that’s two-hundred-thirty-three-thousand, just to emphasize) monthly active players. With an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, as rated by more than 4000 players, it’s got a fairly good name for itself.
The premise is simple. You create a fantasy character and play your way through various quests, meeting goals and leveling up your character as you go. You’re also supposed to build a “guild” out of your Facebook friends and the more people you convince to join, the bigger your guild, the farther you progress into the game. Since it’s the online equivalent of a pen and paper RPG there aren’t 3D graphics or anything. Just small pictures displayed with each quest or with
:iconmelissafindley:MelissaFindley 227 209
February News Feature: hands II
“God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.”
(by Billy Graham)

  of simple words by haikman  Magic Happens by devilsmile
Time by Kaotika  untitled. by BlackDennie  :thumb104232751:
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Magic Thread by bjorntoday  182 by mil0u  :thumb59037946:
The bass player by onabibano  KinderAugenBlicke I by calis &
:iconsabinefischer:sabinefischer 28 17
Winter Haiku WriMo 2009
Moonsliver, mewling at distant stars –
whose cat are you tonight?
Maple branches worm through morning fog –
without sun, without shadows.
Chains caroling above empty swings;
my winter blood slows.
Spider in the bath,
I’m not here to end your lonely day.
My window locked tight –
in slips the winter moon.
Lips pressed against air –
this memory of the present.
Garden stones dark with rain  –
why am I not so quiet?
Trimming trees –
a poem fills with sawdust.
Her tail curls above piled leaves –
a question beginning.
Skirting the morning headlines –
raccoon steps in frost.
Hail at the window,
knocking, but not to enter.
Passing a dog lying in the street –
how far away home is.
A break in the clouds –
branches leap into the sun.
Where does rain touch down
in such a wind?
Rain prattles in the drainpipe –
awake at 3:00 a.m.
Rounding the bend,
rails turn in
:iconb1gfan:b1gfan 51 302
Epic Poetry Contest Update
The Epic Poetry Contest began January 1, 2009, but it's not too late for you to get involved. And with the amazing prizes available, you're not going to want to wait any longer! Remember, in March and April there will be some heavy workshopping, so you're not in this alone. In fact, there are rumours of Trashrock getting involved.
Starting February 1st, PoetryPlease will be hosting our own writing month called EpPoWriMo. Everybody interested in participating in the contest, even if they're not yet sure they will sucessfully complete their poem, are welcome to participate in this Epic writing extravaganza. The goal will be to write all 1000 words of your poem in the 28 days of February which works out to only about 36 words a day! If you'd like to participate in EpPoWriMo, please note us and we'll keep a list of participants with updated word counts on the
:iconpoetryplease:PoetryPlease 49 35
Somewhere Deep Inside by simplyfragile Somewhere Deep Inside :iconsimplyfragile:simplyfragile 8 18 Daughter of the Shadow BW by EllieZ Daughter of the Shadow BW :iconelliez:EllieZ 22 37 Less Is More by Disturbiah Less Is More :icondisturbiah:Disturbiah 108 19 Small Blossom by Disturbiah Small Blossom :icondisturbiah:Disturbiah 99 16 Basic Portrait Lighting by KissMyHuman Basic Portrait Lighting :iconkissmyhuman:KissMyHuman 4,249 239 Diamond Ring by Assassin00 Diamond Ring :iconassassin00:Assassin00 114 33
If The Sun Could Whisper
I watch as your
latex skin, folds
against the breezes
and then melts into
puddles of
solidified sunshine.
Your lips smacked
poison against mine;
with our first kiss
I was already dying.
My mouth was
filled with holes
that leaked words
of unused wisdom and
I pretended to wonder about
the constellations that you
erased with your thumb.
And about
your bones that
crashed into the earth.
But there were no
meteors to coat your fall.
How did you survive?
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 104 156
Heath Ledger by EllieZ Heath Ledger :iconelliez:EllieZ 13 31


...because the name "falathiel" sucks ASS.


GO LOVE la-nausee because because it's me and you do love me. :giggle: I will just collect the stuff I like the most and keep on uploading from there. I ain't no falathiel. I'm not a fantasy lover, and I never really was :lol: - but The Nausea will always be the existentialist manifest. I doubt I will grow out of existentialism. Due to personal reasons, I just know it. No worries there. :lol:

You cna find me both in here and there. :nod: Thank joo.

Peace out, homies.
[I will kill who taught me the line, I just have to say it! :shakefist:
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